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Phat Buddha Productions, the leading studio in Missouri, is proud to invite anyone 16 years of age or older to participate in our Sound Knowledge Recording Workshops. These comprehensive workshops allow students the chance to learn recording techniques that are used every day in a cutting edge, Real World studio from Real World audio engineers.

Learn signal flow, mic placement, the ins and outs of Pro Tools and various pro mixing techniques on industry standard equipment without having to spend enormous amounts of money at a University, Community College or Technical school.

We have been acknowledged by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) to be of a level one equivalent certification.

Workshops are broken into two parts. The first part of the Workshops students will sit with an instructor for One-On-One training. Once that training has been successfully absorbed by the student we then move to the second part of our process which gives the student a chance to apply what they have learned in a REAL recording session with a REAL client.

In order to enroll students must come to the studio and make a down payment of $2,250. After the down payment is made, we will then schedule your first 1 hour One on One class sometime at least 2 weeks from when the payment was made. The remaining balance of $750 will be due upon arrival to the first class. Classes run from 11am-8pm Monday through Friday and 4pm-10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Please call us to enroll now or if you have any questions

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***ANNOUNCING OUR REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM*** For a limited time if you refer a friend to Sound Knowledge, Phat Buddha will give you $50 for every workshop your friend enrolls in.

Coming Soon:
**Basic Beat Production**
**Intermediate Beat Production**
**Advanced Beat Production**

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